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The Top 5 Home Paint Colors of 2016

Choosing White Paint Colors

The timeless white paint option transcends anyone’s design style, from traditional to modern. The variations of white are the key to defining your own personal style. The trick to choosing the right white color is to know what other colors you plan to use. Angling for a subtle approach like offsetting a neutral color with an off-white can give your room a sense of serenity and draw attention to interesting architecture, furniture, or accessories.

Choosing Grey Hued Paint Colors

With so many greys to choose from, it’s hard to know which one will work best with your interior. Choosing the right hue can make the difference in setting the mood of the room. A light grey can be elegant and classic, particularly when paired with other neutrals like white, black, or blue. To add a more austere feeling to your space, a darker grey can convey the drama you want without being as overpowering as a black paint.

Choosing Elegant Purple Paint Colors

We’re specifying elegance here because purple has been thought of as a childish color for quite a while. Purple when trimmed with robust dark greys or off-white is a fantastic option for an intimate bedroom or living room. When you pair purple with a yellow hue, it conveys a positive and energetic feel, which is perfect for playroom or kitchen.

Choosing Silver Blue Paint Colors

Drawing on European influence, the silver and milky blues take us away from the American contemporary unapologetically bright colors and brings us back to a more relaxing atmosphere. These soft and calming blues pair well with a white accent to appear breezier and relaxed while combinations with darker shades convey a sublime feeling of relaxation and peace.

Choosing Paired Neutrals Paint Colors

Neutrals paired with other neutral variations or bright, jewel-like colors have seen a large upswing in popularity. You can retain the classic look you want with a neutral beige and have a trim of a bright blue, purple, or even a light pink to give the room more life and color. You may even do all of the paints in a neutral but populate the room with bright accoutrements, furniture, or other interior design elements.

Choosing the right color for your home can be a big decision. Trust the professionals at FCI Painting to get it done right by calling us at (239) 435-1001 or using our online contact form.

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