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The Key to Repainting French Doors

The Key to Repainting French Doors

With so much warm sunshine and natural beauty in our area, many Naples, Florida-area homes feature exterior and interior French doors to help capture and spread the sunlight through the home and provide better views of the surroundings. As with all components of our homes, time takes a toll, and at some point, you will...

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Oil Based vs Water-Based Paint

Along with figuring out the perfect color scheme, determining whether to use an oil- or water-based paint is often one of more vexing decisions people struggle with when planning a paint job for a home or business. Not only are many people unfamiliar with the basic differences between the two, but also don’t know how...

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Window Cleaning

How Often Should Naples-Area Businesses Clean Their Windows

The Naples, Florida area is known for its mild climate, white sand beaches, and natural beauty —  attributes enhanced by a business community that strives to keep commercial areas pristine and inviting for residents and visitors alike. With their prominence and transparency business facility windows tend...

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