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Ugly Concrete Floors are Transformed into Beautiful Showcase Flooring by our painters in Naples, Florida

Concrete floors are very common in most houses in Florida, usually in lanaï’s, patios or in the garage. Although these types of floors are inexpensive, they require a lot of maintenance and are not always easy to keep them clean. Above that, concrete floors are not the prettiest floors you will see. Our painters won’t only give your floor a better look, but it also lowers the maintenance and provides better insulation too. FCI Painting reviving a tired concrete floor with a fresh coat of paint is less expensive compared to using tiles, while you still get that aesthetic improvement of your patio or garage.

Painting Concrete Floor Options

If you want to completely transform your concrete floors, there are a few methods we can use to achieve what you want.

  • Stains – Concrete water stains are used to penetrate the concrete to the effect of producing a permanent color. These colors can go from subtly translucent all the way to bold and bright. Water based stains have a much larger spectrum of color and effects to choose from.
  • Dyes – This option for coloring your concrete works by penetrating the surface and has a significantly smaller particle size than stains, allowing for more color saturation. Dyes come in water or solvent formulas and can product colors and effects from marbling, chemical stains, to solid and vibrant colors.
  • Sealers – For the subtle and nearly transparent coloring. Sealing your concrete both protects it from weathering and damage as well as providing a nice tint to your concrete flooring.

FCI Painting, Corp. is here to help make old new again with professional paint techniques

For over 20 years, FCI Painting has been providing residential clients with high quality pressure washing and residential painting services, including the painting of concrete floors by our painters in Naples.

Our floor painting service includes inspecting the floor to determine the best way to do the job, pressure washing it to remove all dirt, assisting you with choosing from the wide variety of concrete paint variety and painting the floor.

Contact us for more information about turning your concrete floor in your patio into a more beautiful one and you will see why our painting company has such a strong reputation for quality work and customer satisfaction for being a top notch contractor Naples Florida. Call now 239-435-1001. We are proud to remain the Naples painters of choice!

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