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Living in Naples, Florida comes with its incredible benefits: the great weather, scenic beaches, fun vacation spots and more. However, for our homes, the Florida experience requires a little more extra maintenance.

Surface Painting: A Protective Finish

Whether you’re sprucing up an old outdoor surface or wanting to protect it from natural corrosion of nature, FCI Painting has you covered. For protection, surface painting and finish offer incredible preventative steps against natural wear and tear. Common choices for outdoor protective coatings include decks, patios, walls, concrete, garage floors, and many others. We have offered a few tips, tricks, and guides here at FCI Painting, but protective surface coating is one thing we recommend you leave to the professionals. Professional finishes can also make your home safer. A finish by FCI Painting of your slippery tile around the pool area for example, will make the surface safer to walk on.

Surface Painting: Leave it to us.

A study done by Sherwin-Williams shows that over 80% of do-it-yourself protective surface painting jobs are done incorrectly for one simple reason: Incorrect preparation. Incorrect preparation will absolutely result in an unsuccessful surface painting job. The adhesive in the paint will not adhere to the surface you’re painting. Paint coming loose from a surface means that you’re going to have to start over from scratch, wasting valuable time, money, and just creating a harder surface to prep for another attempt at surface painting! If your surface paint doesn’t deteriorate from lack of adherence it is still possible that without a professional touch, the paint will dry improperly, peel, mold, hold water, and just overall have a detrimental effect on your home and surfaces.

At FCI Painting, we make sure the arduous task of surface preparation is done properly and professionally, giving you the optimal protection, finish, and professional craftsmanship our customers have come to expect of us.

Surface Painting: Creative Finishes

Not all surface coatings and paintings have to be purely utilitarian. Here at FCI Painting, we have an incredibly talented team of well-versed people creating masterpieces on all types of surfaces. We offer a few gorgeous options to refinish your surfaces such as repainting concrete to appear as tile, brick, wood, or even flagstone. Our team can do it all. You’re not limited to concrete however, we can apply a decorative and protective coating to any surface anywhere. An extra layer of coating or paint in your home can drastically alter the appearance and feel of the home, whether you want the look of a brick facade, tile floors, or even the appearance of wood floors! Our professional team has mastered the art of creative surface painting. From the preparation of the surface to the incredible end result, FCI Painting remains Naples, Florida’s most customer-centric painting and contracting service. Do you have a job in need of a team of professionals? Let us take care of it; don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit our website! http://fcipainting.com/ (239) 435-1001.

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