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Something Old Can be Made Like New

Does your outside living space look old and worn out?

Is there a project you have been waiting to get your hands on, but weren’t sure how to tackle it?

We can show you how to transform your old wood:

You can bring an old, worn-down wooden outside living area back to life with a few simple steps:

1) Use a cleaning agent to wipe off residue and loose particles that could get in the way of a clean finished product.

2) Lightly sand the area that is being worked to ensure a smooth finish. You would only sand to remove raised grain and mold.

3) And the final step is two apply two coats of Sikkens stain and sealer. By using this product, it eliminates the need to sand all the way down to the unfinished wood. The sealer is also included, so there is no need to have additional products to seal it.

FCI Painting in Naples, Florida can help turn something old into something new.

We are all aware that people need frequent grooming and care for themselves, and homes are no exception. The spaces we live should make us feel at home and comfortable, and for that to happen we must get rid of the old and bring in the new. FCI Painting in Naples, Florida can make that happen. We offer a wide array of services that can spruce up your home, or any building for that matter, and give a new life to your building. Whether you are redecorating a bedroom and need a bright color to match the personality of its owner, or whether you are looking to renew a sun-faded roof, we have all your troubles covered with our professional renewal painting services to make your home look brand new!

Pressure Cleaning: A Great Way to Start Fresh

A great way to do that is to first clean up any build-up that can prevent your space from shining like it should. We offer pressure cleaning services that can eliminate things like graffiti, mildew, mold, oil, dust, and much more! We strive to give the best in our services to minimize any inconveniences with clients.

Renew Your Home with Paint Services

Another great way to renew a space would be our fabulous paint services that can increase the value of your home and protect it from the elements, all while achieving our goal to make your home look beautiful. We are fully equipped to handle interior and exterior painting, weatherproof coatings, roof sealing and painting, garage floor sealing, and so many other options.

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