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Consider Paint Color to Enhance Your Home’s Re-Sale Value

Because most Naples, Florida-area residents already have the “location, location, location” real estate mantra filled in consideration of home price values, they need to look for other means to enhance the value and ultimate sales price of their homes. A fresh coat of paint and the right paint colors represent one of the easiest means for enhancing home re-sale values. In fact, a professional interior and exterior painting job can easily add significant value to that final sales price.

residential paint job freshens and renews the surfaces covered and enhances the overall look and feel of the entire premises. Exterior house painting helps make the home stand out from its surroundings, while interior painting provides a clean accent to each room. And, in addition to making your home look like new, a professional paint job alleviates concerns by some buyers that they might have to tackle the task after the purchase.

The Importance of Picking the Right Paint Colors

In general, lighter neutral paint colors have always been considered a safe bet that will appeal to most potential home buyers. After all, some people may not want to sleep in a pea green bedroom or appreciate the Disney princess look of a pink bathroom. Also, because darker colors absorb light, neutral shades often help make rooms and spaces appear bigger.

Neutral paint colors for exteriors work because they are most likely to appeal to the largest number of potential home buyers. They also provide potential buyers with a clean slate that will allow them to more easily change the exterior color if so desired. Painting over a neutral-colored exterior is much easier and cheaper than trying to paint over a bold color.

While neutral colors seem like a good overall choice for painting interiors and exteriors, color trends do change every few years. And the color shades and tones that happen to be in fashion can also help increase the sales price of your home. Conversely, colors considered out of fashion can negatively impact the sales price. For example, while yellow shades were fashionable for kitchens a few years ago, that trend was supplanted in recent years by soft shades of blue.

Zillow conducted a financial color analysis to determine which paint colors are most likely to increase home values as of 2017. The results, based on 32,000 home sales, suggest that lighter shades of blue are the current trendsetter for interiors. In particular, Zillow found that pale and periwinkle blues in bathrooms, soft gray-blues for kitchens, and slate blues for dining rooms all significantly increased the selling price. For the exterior, Zillow determined that a light gray and beige mix referred to as “greige” served as the trend-setting home sale price booster. While most trending paint color shades highlighted by Zillow verge toward the neutral spectrum, bold shades of navy blue are trending as the price-boosting color of choice for front doors.

With more than 20 years of residential painting experience, FCI Painting is intimately familiar with interior and exterior home paint color choices popular in Naples, Fort Myers and surrounding southwest Florida region. We keep up with the latest trends in residential painting and can help you prepare your home for the housing market with an expert professional painting service. To learn more about how FCI Painting can help you add value to your home, contact us today or give us a call at (239) 435-1001.

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