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Control the Mood With Interior Paint Colors

A new coat of paint can be the change you need.

Every room has the potential to tell a story, but the story the room tells is up to you. Some people think of fruits when they see red while others interpret it as strong emotions. FCI Painting of Naples, Florida wants to help you share your story by professionally painting your home’s interior.

Inspiration In A Can

There’s a science behind color combination that should cause you to ask yourself various questions.

What mood are you going for?

Do you want calming or are you trying to feel energized? Imagine if you walked into a restaurant and it was painted black instead of a vibrant red. The dark walls might make a person feel uncomfortable, whereas the vibrant red has the potential to create a lively and talkative ambiance. Keep in mind that no color is “bad”. By simply adding sheen to that same black paint, it can evoke a feeling of elegance and austerity.

Which color can achieve that mood?

Prepare to visualize! Everyone has different preference for colors, so finding out what works best for your home may take a few tries. You might want to choose a couple of color samples from your local paint or hardware store. You may be surprised at what works with your décor!

How do I decide on a shade?

Once you have a color picked out then you’re going to have to decide on which hue to use, how much saturation is needed, and which intensity will look the best in the room. This is when your local paint store comes in handy again. Take home a large selection of paint samples and decide which one will look best in your home. Don’t forget to see how they look in different types of lighting! However, this is when it gets tricky so don’t hesitate to use our professional knowledge to achieve your satisfaction. Sherwin-Williams offers a great paint sample option called Colors to Go that covers about 75sqft, so it’s great for testing colors!

Which color goes with what I want?

You’re either going to pair a color with one that creates contrast or cohesion. Contrast is using different colors in the same space to create visual attention, making a room seem livelier and encouraging the eye to roam. Cohesion will cause the room to flow and seem larger from room to room. We can help you create the right palette for any room if you find yourself needing help.

Ready To Create Your Masterpiece?

You could attempt painting your home, but why risk your home’s appearance? FCI Painting offers a team of reasonably priced professional painters. Whether it’s the kitchen or the master bedroom, the change you need is call away. Take the next step in transforming your home into the luxurious work of art it could be by calling FCI Painting now at (239) 435-1001 or contacting them with this contact form.

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