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Making Your Exterior Paint Job Last Longer in Southwest Florida

Whether for a home or business, an exterior paint job in southwest Florida represents an investment that both beautifies and protects the underlying asset. Naturally, you want your paint job to last as long as possible to stretch out the value of that investment. This begs the question as to what can be done to ensure that your exterior paint job endures for as long as possible.

The average exterior paint job in the Naples, Florida area lasts from five to 12 years. The keys to making exterior paint stick, beautify, and protect longer towards the double-digit years involve the paint job itself and regular maintenance thereafter. Read on for FCI’s advice for how to ensure longevity with your exterior paint job.

Prep Work Goes a Long Way in Ensuring Durability

You’ve probably noticed that “prep work” is often emphasized on this blog and in other articles about painting. Well, that’s because it works. If surfaces aren’t properly prepared for the paint application, adhesion and longevity can definitely be compromised. The prep work concept is easy—get the surfaces as clean and smooth as possible—but the job itself can prove tedious depending upon the condition of the surface. At the least, old, peeling or flaking paint needs to be removed, rough areas need to be sanded, and any damaged surfaces should be repaired.

Once this is done surfaces should be completely cleaned, preferably with a cleaner specifically designed to remove contaminants that hinder paint adhesion. You can also opt for pressure washing, which is easier and more effective at removing contaminants than hand washing.

You Get What You Pay For

The adage “you get what you pay for” generally holds true with exterior paint. High-quality paints are developed with ingredients designed to offer the best aesthetics and longest durability. Many cheaper brands also offer perfectly respectable finishes, but they are typically less likely to last as long as the higher quality paints.

Application Certainly Makes a Difference

How exterior paint is applied to the surfaces will certainly contribute to your paint job’s longevity. A primary rule of overall application is to make sure surfaces are totally dry before painting. We recommend starting the job with a first-coat primer, as they add durability and more protection from mildew, cracking, and breakdown. Paint that is just slapped onto a surface without concern for amounts used or that the paint is being properly applied—whether by brush, roller, or sprayer—will not last. Correct application also means that the correct paint is being used for each specific surface. For example, using an oil-based paint on a surface originally painted with a water-based one will likely result in a short-lived finish.

Follow Up Your Exterior Paint Job with Regular Maintenance     

Once you’ve successfully painted the exterior of your home or business, the elements are going to begin slowly wearing away at and otherwise start compromising the finish. However, regular maintenance can help limit this slow degradation. Surface cleaning goes a long way in extending the life of an exterior paint job and an annual pressure wash can add years to the finish. Also, be sure to quickly fix and apply touch-up paint to any weather-damaged surfaces as quickly as possible.

Consult with an Exterior Paint Specialist

If you really want to ensure a long-lasting exterior paint job, consider hiring FCI Painting. With more than 25 years of professional interior and exterior painting experience in the Naples, Florida area, FCI painting has a stellar record of producing exterior paint jobs that last. To consult with us about any of your painting needs in the southwest Florida area, you can reach us by contacting FCI Painting online, or by giving us a call at (239) 435-1001.

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Had my condo painted by FCI Painting and they did an outstanding job! They were professional and friendly.

Eileen F

Competitive & Fair

FCI Painting did an outstanding job for us and we are more than pleased with the results. We found the pricing to be competitive and fair. Our painter, Chris, was an expert craftsman, patched several areas of drywall that needed attention and helped us work through a problem we had with one of the colors we chose. We would definitely recommend FCI painting for anyone looking for a quality job at a fair price.

Donna C

Way Above Expectation

Big thanks to FCI, I had them paint my house inside and out and they did a fantastic job, way above my expectations, there employees were punctual and polite, and the work was completed 2 days before the scheduled completion date. Would not hesitate to recommend A++++++++++

Neil S

Highly Suggest Their Work

FCI Painting did a fantastic job on my driveway. They were swift, neat, and very sharp eye on quality. I would highly suggest there work and I would call them again.

Tom D

Pleasure to Deal With

FCI did a great job painting our home! Job was done on time & on budget, no surprises! Rich was a pleasure to deal with & was very prompt when responding to a question or request. Chris, our painter, was on-time each day, always prepared, cleaned up every afternoon, worked at a good pace & super friendly. Would definitely use them again & recommend them highly!

Christine C

Always an Outstanding Job

My family has used FCI in our homes and businesses. They have always done an outstanding job, neat and clean and Richard is wonderful accommodating owner to work with. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

Valerie G

Great Company, Great Results

Great Company, Great Results! We use FCI whenever we can!


Easy to Deal With

Pleasant and easy to deal with. Did exactly what they said they would, when they said they would do it. Would highly recommend.

Christopher G

Beautiful Work

Beautiful work and very friendly respectful employees. Couldn’t be happier.

Tiffany K

Great Job

Richard provided a detailed estimate of complete job at a fair price. His crew did a great job painting the exterior of our house, using quality products. Would highly recommend him.

Anthony F

Great Paint Job

FCI did a great job painting the interior of our house. Very high quality work. They were in and out in less than a week, even with a big job (over 3,000 sq ft house). They responded to emails very quickly. We liked their work so much we called them back to paint the exterior.

Eric A

Professional & Thoughtful

as promised. He sealed the entire house before applying the paint and used Sherwin Williams Super Paint. It covered and sealed very well. They did a Great Job and I would highly recommend them. He also got back to us after the job was completed and paid for in full and wanted to make sure we were happy with the job. We thought that was very professional and thoughtful. Thanks Richard and crew!

Michael A

phenomenal job

FCI Painting Corp did a phenomenal job painting my house. So much attention to detail and the job was done in a timely manner. I absolutely recommend this company!

Steven F

Very Professional Company

Very professional company. The guys were on time everyday. The areas they were working on were left clean and everything was put back in it’s place. They did a wonderful job. Would absolutley recommend FCI Painting.

Ruth K

Very High Quality Work

Highly professional and very high quality work. Painter “Eduardo” is fantastic, get him. Pricing was very good. The entire experience was flawless, and I will use FCI in the future.

Bruce Y


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