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Does your home suffer from the most common problems?

According to InterNACHI, The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, roof damage is in the top 3 of most common problems plaguing today’s homeowners. In Florida, with our torrential rains and hurricanes, the roof is arguably the most important aspect of our homes.

Thankfully, FCI painting has over 20 years of experience to use to tackle roofing, and indeed any problem your home might incur.

FCI Painting has a tried and true method for the maintenance of your damaged roof. To begin,we blast away the mildew and other dirt or contaminants with an organic cleaning solution. While inspecting the roof for any damage, we might find some old chalky tile glaze or another form of corrosion depending on your roof type, the deterioration caused by our harsh Florida sun. Finally, we finish off with a roof coating which can be any color imaginable, or even the exact same color as your current roof!

Does the stonework or concrete around your home have mold, mildew, or dark spots? Often, too many people will attempt to clean their moldy or dirty flagstone, stone, or other delicate stonework with acidic or damaging scouring cleansers. FCI Painting offers a professional, low cost, and fast services, not only for their cleaning services, but for every service they offer. Don’t make the mistakes all too many amateur homeowners fall victim to, ending up costing them more money than having just called the professionals in the first place. Let FCI Painting do the heavy lifting, leaving you with a pristine finished product, every time.

Which common problems in the home do you face?

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