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Figuring the Cost of DIY Home Exterior Painting in Naples

If you have already done the math to estimate how much it is going to cost you in time and money to paint the exterior of your Naples, Florida-area home, chances are you’ve underestimated the amount by at least 20 percent, if not more! In fact, underestimating costs and timing is considered the most common mistake made in all do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. If you want to double check your estimates, or haven’t yet done the math, read on to learn how to estimate the DIY cost of painting the exterior of your home.

Paint is the Most Costly Part of a DIY Exterior Paint Job

While you can certainly find cheap paints, you should pick your paint based on quality not price, because higher quality paints offer longer coverage and better durability than cheap paints. The price of the paint, along with any special primers and sealants, will also be affected by the type of material being painted. In general, paints and sealers for stucco surfaces are the most expensive, followed by those for wood and concrete.

In calculating the amount of paint needed, plan on one gallon for every 350 square feet. So, if your home is about 2,500 square feet, plan on at least 7 gallons of paint, but then double that amount, because you are going to give your home two coats of paint, right? Add another gallon or two if any surfaces on the exterior are especially rough, because these areas will need even more paint for successful coverage. Finally, you’re probably going to need at least a couple of more gallons for the trim work, and any other exterior features such as doors, gutters and shutters.

Factor in Other Exterior Painting Supplies

With your exterior paint costs figured out, now consider what other items you’re going to need to ensure a successful job. Such supplies may include:

  • Brushes
  • Rollers
  • Paint sprayers
  • Buckets and trays
  • Drop cloths
  • Scrapers
  • Painter’s tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Caulking
  • Ladder
  • Water and snacks! Don’t forget to stay hydrated!

You might already have some of these supplies, such as a ladder, but it’s likely that you’ll have to spend at least $100 on just the basics, and probably much more, especially if you don’t have a ladder or paint sprayer. And speaking of ladders, scaffolding is much safer, but comes with a rental price starting at about $30 per day for the smallest (3-foot) scaffolding. You might also want to consider buying or renting a pressure washer, if you don’t already own one, to give your home’s exterior a thorough cleaning to ensure the best paint adhesion.

And Don’t Forget to Factor in Your Valuable Time

While you can’t really pay yourself for painting the exterior of your own home, you should try to get an accurate estimate of how much time it’s going to take you. After all, time is money. Don’t forget to add in the prep work time, and, if you don’t have any experience with exterior painting, double whatever time estimate you come up with for the entire job.

Now that you’ve got an accurate accounting of how much it is going to cost in time and money to paint the exterior of your home, get a quote or estimate from a professional painting contractor, such as Naples-based FCI Painting. Compare your estimate with that of the professional’s and consider whether paying a bit more for a top-notch guaranteed job that will last years might be worth the savings in time and potential aggravation.

With more than 20 years of indoor and outdoor residential painting experience, FCI Painting has successfully painted thousands of home exteriors in Naples, Fort Myers and surrounding southwest Florida region. We provide detailed attention to surface cleaning and prep, expert paint application for a perfect finish, and thorough clean-up, all of which comes guaranteed. To learn more about how FCI Painting can renew the exterior of your home, contact us today, or give us a call at (239) 435-1001.

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