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Commercial Painting—Make Sure your Contractor can Handle the Job!

Commercial Painting—Make Sure your Contractor can Handle the Job!

Painting is one of those out-of-sight-out-of-mind jobs that lends itself more to visions of the finished job than it does of visualizing a painting crew applying the actual paint. But if you were to visualize a commercial paint job in progress, it should look distinctly different than the same visualization of a residential paint job. That’s because commercial paint jobs are typically more challenging than residential paint jobs and require a much greater degree of specialized painting-related knowledge and expertise.

Usually a Big Difference in Scale of the Job

While residential painters specialize in painting the interiors and exteriors of homes, few residential paint companies are manned and equipped to handle the scale of many commercial projects. A five-man experienced residential painting crew may be able to handle a two-story home’s exterior with relative ease but would likely struggle to efficiently and quickly paint a five-story office building. Likewise, with interiors, as there is a big difference between the 2,600 square feet of an average single-family home’s interior, versus the multiple thousands of possible interior square footage found in warehouses, retail operations, and other commercial facilities.    

In addition to manpower, the larger scale of most commercial paint jobs necessitates the use of equipment that many smaller residential painting companies may not have.  While residential painters can generally get by with ladders to paint second-floor sections, taller commercial structures call for scaffolding at the least, if not moveable aerial work platforms, such as scissor lifts and manlifts. And while rollers and brushes work fine for most residential jobs, many commercial jobs call for high-quality, commercial-grade paint sprayers.

While many residential paint companies limit their operations to a normal daily work schedule, larger commercial paint companies are much more flexible in their operations and willing to work odd hours so as not to disrupt a commercial business’s operations. 

The Importance of Institutional Knowledge

Most residential painters are intimately familiar with materials used in home construction, along with how to best apply paint to them, but may not be familiar with some materials used in the construction of commercial spaces. This may limit a residential paint company’s ability to effectively paint some commercial surfaces. And if the painters decide to wing it with regard to applying paint to an unfamiliar surface, it could lead to problems such as substandard job or perhaps even material degradation.

Commercial painting contractors are intimately familiar with all materials used in commercial construction and will always know exactly what coating to use for any surface. They also have the know-how, skills and materials to handle a variety of specialized painting and related services, such as electrostatic painting, faux-finishes, epoxy floor work, and sandblasting, to name a few.

With their institutional knowledge, commercial painters are also highly adept at working with other contractors, which helps ensure the seamless and on-time delivery of painting services. Additionally, commercial paint contractors are up-to-speed on all regulatory requirements that need to be met in order to safely manage and conduct the painting job.      

If you Need a Naples Commercial Painting Company, Contact FCI Painting!

All in all, your business will best meet its painting needs by hiring a professional commercial painting contractor in Naples, rather than trying to get by on the cheap by hiring a smaller residential painting contractor. With more than 20 years of experience helping southwest Florida businesses paint their exterior and interiors spaces, we have the manpower, equipment and expertise to handle any commercial painting job in the Naples area. To learn more about how FCI Painting can help you with your commercial painting needs, contact us online, or give us a call at (239) 435-1001.

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