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Commercial Interior Design Trends Call for Bolder Color Schemes

Interior design for commercial buildings has undergone tremendous change this century, with retail and office building owners and tenants opting for bolder color schemes in their new or renovated spaces. While interior retail color choices are often driven by brand colors, researchers have determined that color can play an important role in customer decision-making by stimulating emotion. Likewise, researchers have also determined that colors can influence a worker’s performance, energy and focus. Thus, modern interior design for commercial interiors focuses much more on color schemes than it did in the past!

If you’re making design decisions on either new or renovated interior commercial spaces in Southwest, Florida, make sure you opt for the color schemes that will work best for your business. With more than 20 years of commercial painting experience, Naples, Florida-based FCI Painting can help you select the perfect colors for your business interior, or work closely with your designer to ensure that chosen color schemes will work well with the lighting and surfaces to be painted.

Considerations for Retail Interior Color Choices

Naturally, the first consideration should be related to the businesses logo or brand colors, as you will want to incorporate their related colors into your retail operation. If brand and logo colors are especially bright, consider using them as accents rather than primary wall coloring, as too much bright color might prove overwhelming. Consider also how the interior colors will go with the items and packaging of goods being sold, as you do not want them to clash. Researchers have identified how colors are perceived by customers, with the following generalizations providing a rough guide on retail color choices:

  • Black—Associated with power and luxury, and a good choice for expensive and high-end retail.
  • White—Suggesting cleanliness and renewal, often used with stores focusing on weddings and maternity.
  • Pink—Associated with both romance and femininity, perfect for stores selling perfume and lingerie.
  • Purple—A soothing color, often subtly used by stores selling beauty products.
  • Blue—Known for as color of trust and security, it is perfect for banks and other retail operations that deal with money.
  • Green—Associated with money and wealth, as well as ecology, this color can suggest a “good deal” or imply eco-friendly.
  • Red—This color can increase the heart rate and suggest urgency, making it an ideal color for sale item areas.
  • Orange—Is sometimes considered energetic and vibrant, and suggests a call to action, though its use should be carefully considered as it can also come across as aggressive.
  • Yellow—Is known for capturing attention, inspiring optimism, and can work as a calming influence.

Interior Office Space Color Considerations

While whites and grays used to be standard color choices in office interiors, many companies are now introducing bold color schemes in their designs, whether renovating an existing office building or new office space. For example, red color schemes have proven popular in recent years as researchers have determined that red is a “power” color that stimulates energy and focus. Researchers have also determined that office spaces with home-like furnishings, natural finishes and bright color schemes can help enhance workers’ emotional and physical well-being, inspire greater collaboration between workers, and spur creativity.

All in all, modern interior office design is focused on making workplaces feel more natural, rather than sterile and homogenized. And the right color schemes can go a long way in turning office spaces into vibrant, comfortable areas that not only boost worker productivity, but also help make them happy to be there.

Consult With an Experienced Commercial Building Painting Company

There are numerous other considerations to be made in the painting of interior commercial spaces. For example, specific color schemes and coordination can be used to make large spaces seem smaller and more intimate, or small spaces seem bigger. An experienced painting company can help you with whatever considerations you might need to address in painting the interior of your southwest Florida commercial building.

FCI Painting has extensive experience painting the interiors of retail stores, restaurants, malls, office buildings, and every other commercial structure built in the Naples, Florida area. FCI painting is adept at helping existing business owners refurbish their facilities, and coordinates closely with designers, contractors and other craftsman in the development of new commercial buildings. To learn more about how FCI Painting can help you with your commercial building interior painting needs, contact us today, or give us a call at (239) 435-1001.

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