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Cleaning and Painting your Roof

Cleaning Your Roof

If you are considering painting your roof the first and most important step is to clean your roof surface. Concrete tile roofs which are most popular in the Southwest Florida area are most easily cleaned using high pressure water and cleaning solution. I recommend an organic or similar product be used to eliminate plant and shrubbery damage from chlorine. Smooth roof surfaces such as metal can also be cleaned by this method, all contaminants and chalking will be eliminated this way. Your roof surface will be very slippery and you should take care not to overexert. 

Painting a Roof

Generally when you are considering painting your roof its usually because the glaze or color has worn away and the roof is attracting mold and mildew. Waterbased roof paints and sealers are the most popular products to use. However, airless spray method is the most productive and easiest way to apply your coatings. If your roof surface is chalking a sealer/primer must be used to ensure a sound painting surface. Usually, two coats of a premium roof coating will do the job. When applying the material by airless sprayer start at the top of the roof surface and spray 3-4 rows of tile and work your way down overlapping the spray pattern. Take care not to step on any painted surface, since it will be very slick.

Roof Painting Tips

  • When spraying using an airless method be sure that all cars are far enough away from the roof painting project.
  • Cover all bushes and plants surrounding the home
  • Southwest Florida heat and weather can be very dangerous, so plan your project carefully.
  • Hire a professional painter if you do not feel confident.

If you decide to call a professional and you are located in Naples, Florida, make sure you contact FCI Painting in Naples.

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