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Christmas Decoration Storage Tips and Tricks with FCI Painting

Christmas Decoration Storage Tips Courtesy of FCI Painting

Everyone tends to love the holiday season, but with the passing of the season comes the post-holiday chore of putting away the Christmas decorations. Not only is this annual chore usually a let-down after all the holiday excitement, but Christmas decoration storage can sometimes prove frustrating, as well!

While Naples, Florida-based FCI Painting doesn’t offer Christmas decoration storage as a distinct service, we have plenty of storage-related experience, and, in the holiday spirit of giving, offer you these Christmas decoration storage tips.

Artificial Christmas Trees May Not Last Forever

Artificial Christmas trees are popular in southwest Florida as a viable long-term replacement for real trees. But their size can make them unwieldy for storage purposes, and their longevity can be compromised by poor storage practices. Not only can artificial trees be damaged by breakage, but can suffer harm from humidity, bugs, and rodents, or lose their sheen if exposed to dust, dirt and grime.

While you can reuse the box that the tree came in, it may be futile for storage purposes. It could be crushed or be susceptible to humidity or water damage. If your tree can be disassembled, the extra time needed to break it down is probably worth taking as it will make the tree easier to store. If your tree cannot be disassembled, consider purchasing a dedicated tree bag or box available from many retailers. These bags and boxes are made for storage and should resolve most potential storage-related problems.

Avoid the Tangle of Light Strings

Improperly stored strings of light and artificial garland will almost certainly come back to haunt you next year when they come out of storage knotted up and tangled. The easiest way to avoid this is by rolling them up. You can purchase dedicated reels and storage tubes specifically designed for Christmas lights and garland, or just wrap them around a flat piece of cardboard or an empty paper towel or wrapping paper roll. Oh, and before storing outdoor lights make sure that they are completely dried out so that they don’t spend a damp year in storage.

Keep Packaging for Fragile Decorations, Wreathes, Outside Inflatables

Most fragile Christmas decorations are packaged with damage protection in mind. Thus, it is generally worth keeping such packaging. For additional protection, store smaller decorations and ornaments in plastic bins and tubs. Absent the original packaging materials, ornaments and decorations can be stored in larger bins with bubble wrap and tissue paper.

Artificial wreathes should also be stored in rigid containers to prevent them from getting crushed. Wreathes, along with other oddly sized decorations, can also be wrapped in plastic and safely hung up on your storage space’s wall. Outside inflatables should be safe in their original packaging, but make sure that they’ve had a chance to dry and that they are completely deflated before repacking them for the season.

Finally, makes sure that all of your boxed Christmas decorations are clearly labeled, which will make retrieving them for next year’s holiday season that much easier.

Inspect the Interior of Your Roof if Storing Items in Attic

If you’re storing Christmas decorations in your attic, this might be the perfect time to conduct a quick roof inspection from the inside by making sure that there are no signs of water intrusion. While up in the attic make sure the insulation is firmly in place and that all of the trusses and rafters are securely attached. Also inspect wooden supports and wall for any staining, which could be evidence of leaking.

If you find anything of concern, consider contacting FCI Painting. We may not be able to help you with your Christmas storage chores, but we have extensive residential roofing-related experience in the Naples, Florida area. FCI painting handles most roof repairs and offers a 360-degree roof maintenance plans to its southwest Florida residential clients. To learn more about how FCI Painting can help you with your residential building painting and maintenance needs, contact us today, or give us a call at (239) 435-1001.

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