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How Often Should Naples-Area Businesses Clean Their Windows

The Naples, Florida area is known for its mild climate, white sand beaches, and natural beauty —  attributes enhanced by a business community that strives to keep commercial areas pristine and inviting for residents and visitors alike. With their prominence and transparency business facility windows tend to display the first signs of dirt, discoloration, or other contamination before other surfaces. Pollen, dust, and other contaminants are easy to see on glass and other transparent surfaces and even raindrops tend to lead to window spotting.

This begs the question for business owners of how often a business needs to clean its windows. While monthly window cleaning frequency represents a good minimum rule of thumb, the cleaning frequency is not necessarily clear cut and depends upon numerous factors. 

Do You Serve Customers at Your Place of Business?

The first consideration with your window cleaning frequency should address your customer base. If you regularly provide services to the public at your business, then you want the premises to be as clean as possible. Customers appreciate cleanliness and they’ll definitely notice dirty or begrimed windows. And, in this age of COVID-19, overall cleanliness is of paramount importance. If your business windows reflect dirt, grime, indeterminate spatters, or other contamination, customers might wonder what else in the business is being left uncleaned. Such thoughts could make customers decide to take their business elsewhere.

Type of Business and Location Need to be Considered

Some businesses simply generate the need for more window cleaning. The amount of foot traffic through business premises may dictate the need for more frequent window cleaning, especially around entrance areas. In fact, some businesses generate so much foot traffic that their entranceway windows need daily cleaning. Additionally, some businesses tend to generate airborne particles that adhere to interior windows. For example, interior restaurant windows typically need much more frequent cleaning due to airborne grease and other cooking contaminants.

The location of your business will also play a role in your window cleaning decisions. The windows of a business located on a busy thoroughfare tend to get dirty much quicker than those located on a quiet lane. Businesses fronting or near our beautiful Gulf Coast waters may need more frequent cleaning due to salt air from the sea breeze. And some types of landscaping around or near the business may create more dust and dirt than other types.     

Your Employees Deserve Natural Light and a Clear View, Too

Even if your business does not serve a robust customer base on-site, when determining commercial window cleaning frequency, you should also take note of the well-being of your employees. Natural light is a proven mood enhancer, and the clear view of it you provide your employees with clean windows will undoubtedly help spur productivity.  

Turn to FCI Cleaning for Your Commercial Window Cleaning Needs

If you would like to keep the windows of your business premises clean and transparent, FCI Cleaning can tackle the job for you. As a subsidiary of FCI Painting with more than 20 years of experience helping southwest Florida homeowners and businesses with all of their painting and building maintenance needs, FCI Cleaning offers professional window washing as a stand-alone, one-time service, or as part of a regularly scheduled home/business maintenance plan. FCI Cleaning relies on the Xero Pure window cleaning system, an advanced water-fed pole window cleaning tool that uses three stages of water filtration and just the right pressure to ensure a brilliant window cleaning without streaking or spotting. To learn more about our window cleaning services contact FCI Cleaning online or give us a call at (239) 435-1001.

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