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2019 color of the year picks from major painting companies

2019 Colors of The Year Inspiration

Most homeowners find the idea of picking out interior house paint colors daunting, at best, due to any number of reasons. Perhaps key among the potential difficulties are the tremendous numbers of paint color choices to choose from! Paint color options offered on fan decks, palettes, and visualizers can easily get into the hundreds, and even into the thousands, what with each of the primary colors having an untold number of tints, tones, and shades, along with the names to distinguish them—like, for example, “Elephant’s Breath,” “Dead Salmon,” and “Salty Tear.” And then you’ve got to consider this wealth of potential options with how it will look with different lighting, the home decor, trim work, and a variety of other factors. It’s enough to make some homeowners want to pull their hair out.

One means for cutting to the chase of picking out your perfect interior house paint colors is to consider what the major paint development companies are promoting. After all, these companies are paint experts, with full-time staff devoted to developing colors that will appeal to the widest range of customers. And at the beginning of each year, most of these companies announce what they believe should be the interior color of the year. Herein are “Colors of the Year” for 2019 from four major painting companies.

Sherwin Williams—“Cavern Clay”

Sherwin Williams describes its terracotta color of the year as a means for “bringing the warmth of the outdoors in,” and says it embodies beaches, canyons, deserts and “sun-washed late summer afternoons.” The company believes its earthy hue can be perceived as both casual and refined and recommends it for the backdrop of dining rooms or kitchens. The color reportedly pairs well with neutral whites, grays and browns, or can be pumped up by pairing it with denim blues or fresh avocados. It also compliments well with simple woodgrains, leather and the light greenery of indoor plants such as cacti.

Benjamin Moore—“Metropolitan AF-690”

A “heathered” gray that “exudes glamor, beauty and balance,” Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan AF-690 is supported by a company created color trend coordinating palette of harmonious hues. While most of these hues tend towards the white and gray part of the spectrum, among the 15 are some interesting greens, a navy blue, and an umber. Benjamin Moore’s director of strategic design, Ellen O’Neill calls the color “always adaptable,” and able to “soften to matte or shimmer with sheen.”

Pantone—“16-1546 Living Coral”

Pantone believes that its color of the year stimulates lighthearted activity and will add warmth and a nurturing feeling to any room. Based on how coral reefs provide shelter to a “diverse kaleidoscope of color,” Pantone feels that 16-1546 Living Coral” can be effectively used inside with a wide variation of possible color combinations.


Behr recommends its color of the year for both interiors and exteriors and believes Blueprint serves equally beautifully whether used on walls, ceilings, trim, or as an accent. Behr also believes that Blueprint will “work seamlessly” with its selection of 2019 palettes, consisting of “monochromatic,” “earth tones,” “pastels,” and “jewel tones.”

What Color Suits Your Look?

While none of these “colors of the year” may end up suiting your particular taste or desired interior look, they do offer an intriguing starting point for tackling the oft-difficult chore of picking out an interior paint color. Alternatively, you could consult with an experienced interior painting expert, such as Naples, Florida-based FCI Painting. With more than 20 years of experience helping its southwest Florida clients choose interior paint colors, FCI Painting has a stellar reputation for making sure homeowners are thoroughly satisfied with their paint color choices and with the quality of its application.

To learn more about how FCI Painting can help you pick out the perfect interior paint colors for your home, contact us today online, or give us a call at (239) 435-1001.

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