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How to Safely Store or Dispose of Your Old Paint

How to Safely Store or Dispose of Your Old Paint

The satisfaction of completing a DIY home or small-business painting job arrives with the final brush strokes or spin of a roller. Sometimes, the celebration can be tempered by the subsequent cleanup. What should you do with your leftover paint? Cleaning up a successful project can prove taxing. Guidelines for proper...

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Wood Stains

What to Consider When Opting for Wood Stain Over Paint

If you are like most people faced with a new painting-related job, you might struggle with figuring out whether to coat a wooden surface with paint or stain. Once you opt for stain on a wooden surface painting project, a new struggle begins as there are numerous stain options that you will need to consider. Not only...

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clean your walls

Clean Your Interior Walls to Maintain that Just-Painted Look

A good paint job on interior walls typically lasts for years, if not a decade or longer. The fresh just-painted look can be maintained over the years in part by regular cleaning. While most other parts of a house or business undergo regular cleaning, interior walls generally receive the least attention, unless there...

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